Holiday Foods to Avoid that are Harmful to Your Teeth & Gums

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The holiday season can be a tempting excuse to throw sensible food and drink choices out the window and indulge in some less-than-healthy treats. Decadent sweet treats and delicious savories can be all too tempting over the holidays, but some treats could be doing more harm to your teeth than you may realize!

Whether you’re partial to one too many festive sugar cookies or love to overindulge in chocolate, it’s important to think about your oral health if you want to avoid a not-so-festive trip to the dentist. Here are eight popular holiday foods that you should avoid this holiday season to keep your teeth & gums healthy:

Sugar Cookies

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With ‘sugar’ in the name of this popular holiday treat, it’s unlikely to come as much of a surprise that sugar cookies are bad for your teeth and gums. Overindulging in sugar cookies over the holiday season could speed up tooth decay. read more