Invisalign Clear Aligners 101

How Does the Invisalign System Work?

“You need braces.” Three words that no teen or adult ever wants to hear. Let’s face it, metal brackets are not the most charming or comfortable thing to add to your life. With an estimated 4.5 million Americans wearing braces to straighten their teeth, many Americans find themselves wondering why there isn’t an easier way to obtain better teeth. Well, what if we told you there is! At Sheehan Dental, our expert team of cosmetic dental specialists are always searching for new and innovative treatment options to ensure that our patient’s journey to healthy teeth is manageable and successful.

That is why we provide the Invisalign clear aligners, a revolutionary straightening method highly effective for teens and adults. They are easy to use, removable, and boast the same results as would regular metal braces. Finally, what used to be the only option in dental care has a competitor. Welcome to Invisalign 101; get ready for us to change the way you look at teeth straightening systems:

Invisalign Clear Aligners, What Are They?

Invisalign clear aligners are the newest technological advancement in dentistry. They are an alternative to metal braces with the same effect, making the journey towards a healthier smiler more bearable with significantly fewer restrictions. This remarkable treatment option allows for patients to align their teeth properly without anyone else knowing they are. That’s right; these “braces” are essentially invisible.

While the lack of visibility is one of the most attractive advantages of Invisalign, the ability to remove them is a close second. Metal brackets make patients follow strict activity, food, and drink restrictions and develop a rigorous dental health care plan, Not Invisalign, they can be removed at any moment throughout the day. Meaning no more giving up the food that you love, the activities you don’t want to live without, or constantly having to return to the dentist due to issues with the metal wiring. Have we convinced you yet?

How Does the Invisalign Process Work?

How Does the Invisalign Process in Palos Park, IL Work?

If avoiding metal braces at all costs is something that is on your mind, well, our specialists will help make that happen! But first, we have to be sure that you are a suitable candidate. During your consultation at Sheehan Dental, our team will assess your unique condition to determine whether or not Invisalign is right for you. When we have a green light, your dentist will make a digital scan of your teeth. No molds or messy impressions are needed. After, the scan is uploaded into advanced software that begins to fabricate the aligners to the shape of your teeth.

Invisalign Clear Braces & Aligers in Palos Park, IL

Comfortable & Transparent Teeth Straightening System Designed for Your Smile

Anyone who needs a neater smile can get metal brackets; they are a general treatment that can be fitted to almost any tooth. That’s why they are so uncomfortable for patients and cause various problems. Invisalign’s modern technology designs the retainers to perfectly pair with the patient’s teeth. No one will be able to see the aligners while you are wearing them, and due to their comfort, you will often forget that they are there!

How Does Invisalign Make Teeth Straight?

How Does Invisalign in Palos Park, IL Make & Keep Teeth Straight?

Just like metal braces, Invisalign clear aligners hold the teeth in place, allowing them to take their proper form. As the clear braces are designed to perfectly match your teeth, this system is often less painful when each tooth starts to take its place. While it is a new and innovative therapy, the results are outstanding, and the patients are so much happier during the entire process.

Are You a Candidate for Invisalign Clear Aligners in Palos Park, IL?

Don’t think for a second if your teeth are “too crooked,” you will not be a candidate for Invisalign. When you want to avoid metal brackets, Dr. Sheehan thoroughly evaluates your teeth and dental concerns to determine whether Invisalign is a real option. The only way to find out is with a consultation at Sheehan Dental! In many cases, Invisalign will help those with:

  • Overbites and underbites
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Crooked teeth

Invisalign will make your teeth function better and look straighter. The results will mean being able to chew and clean your teeth easier.

Eliminate the Need for Constant Check-ups with Invisalign Clear Braces at Sheehan Dental in Palos Park

A trip to the dentist’s office is never anyone’s favorite thing to do, and once you have fitted with your Invisalign clear braces, you may only need to come in every 6 to 8 weeks. During your swift check-ups, your dentist will ensure that your teeth are progressing and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Whether you are a student or an adult, Invisalign check-ups fit into virtually anyone’s schedule.

Investing in Invisalign is Investing in the Future of Your Teeth

Investing in Invisalign is not only talking about money; it is also looking at the endless benefits they boast. While the only thing similar to metal braces is the cost, considering this unique treatment is a must. Here is what you are investing in:

  • Faster recovery times – In many cases, patients who follow their doctor’s guidelines can get their desired results almost two times quicker.
  • Removable – One of the worst things about metal braces is that they can never be removed. Patients with Invisalign can take out their aligners when they are eating, during physical activity, and when brushing and flossing.
  • Invisibility – Whether it is a teen in school or an adult in the workplace, the ability to straighten your teeth without others noticing is terrific.

Are You Thinking About Invisalign in Palos Park? Contact Sheehan Dental

We will continue to provide our patients with the best, most innovative procedures to make their path to healthier, straighter, and more beautiful teeth easier and pain-free. The Invisalign system is currently being used by millions of patients worldwide; it’s time you join this exclusive community. Contact Sheehan Dental to learn more about the advantages of Invisalign and how they will change your life for the better!

Discover Why Dental Crowns May Be Your Dental Restoration Solution

Dental crowns also referred to as dental caps, are commonly used to restore damaged, decayed, or missing teeth. Teeth that have been damaged or decayed to the point of no return are not able to be restored with dental fillings or bonding agents. To restore a missing or damaged tooth with a dental crown, a dental implant is needed first so that they can act as an anchor for the crown.

5 – Main Types Of Dental Crowns – Everything You Need to Know to Get Started!

 Dentals crown will not only protect the tooth that is affected from further wear and breakdown, but it will also enhance its appearance significantly. If the entire tooth is missing, gaps in the mouth will eventually lead to the surrounding teeth to shift into the empty space, causing a bad bite. A bad bite will affect your diet and lead to problems in your overall health. It will also cause bone deterioration in the jaw. This is why it is always essential to discuss tooth replacements like an implant or a crown with your dentist rather than leaving gaps within your mouth.

Are You Experiencing Damaged Teeth or Tooth Decayed?

Palos Park IL Dental Crown Services for Damaged or Decayed Tooth

A crown’s main purpose is to restore health, functionality, shape, strength, and size to a tooth while improving its appearance.

Circumstances where a Dental Crown Procedure may be needed includes:

  • To replace an old, broken, or worn-out tooth filling
  • To restore length on worn-down teeth due to grinding
  • To protect a tooth that has decayed or cracked
  • Crowns are used to hold dental bridges in place.
  • A crown is used to cover a dental implant.
  • To make cosmetic modifications such as a tooth gap
  • To restore strength to any tooth that has undergone a root canal
  • To support a tooth that has a large filling when there is not a lot of the natural tooth left.

When placing a dental crown, your dentist at Sheehan Dental will numb the tooth infected so that you are comfortable throughout the procedure. After your tooth is numb, they will file down the natural tooth into the right shape so that it can accommodate a dental crown. This is done so that the dental crown will not be too big and affect the way you bite down. Once the tooth structure is ready, different tools will be used to fabricate the proper crown. During this time, a temporary crown will be inserted until the permanent one is ready.

Various Types of Dental Crowns Available at Sheehan Dental to Improve the Appearance of Your Teeth

Dental Crowns in Palos Park at Sheehan Dental to Improve the Appearance of Your Teeth

There are a variety of dental materials that are used to create different dental crowns. Before your dental crown is created, your dentist at Sheehan Dental will ask you if you have a preference for the type of material. There are 5 different types of dental crowns to choose from, including:

1. Metal Dental Crowns

Let’s start with the strongest crown out there; metal. These crowns are highly sought after because they are not abrasive to the teeth surrounding the affected tooth, meaning that they won’t rub or grind against them. The incredible thing about metal dental crowns is that they can be fabricated from different metals such as

  • Platinum
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Cobalt
  • Chromium

In most cases for people who need a crown, metal crowns are used to restore molars due to their strength, metallic appearance, and how they are not visible when opening the mouth or smiling. The only reason someone may not be fit for a metal crown is simply due to allergies.

2. Stainless Steel Dental Crowns

Dental crowns made out of stainless steel are an ideal choice for a child who needs a dental crown for one of the primary crowns. Stainless steel crowns that are used for adults are usually only for temporary crowns before their newly fabricated one is ready. Temporary crowns are required between the preparation of the tooth and the permanent crown so that the exposed tooth structure is protected at all times. When your dentist offers same-day crowns like those at Sheehan Dental, then a temporary crown is not needed at all!

3. All-Porcelain Dental Crowns

Dental crowns that are made out of porcelain or ceramic materials are popularly known as all-porcelain or all-ceramic crowns. These types of crowns are regularly recommended to dental patients that are allergic to metal materials. They are also the main choice for cosmetic dentistry treatments as their ability to contour and improve the color of the teeth is unmatched. All/porcelain crowns provide patients with a natural, aesthetic restoration option to damaged or decaying teeth.

Porcelain Dental Crowns Dentistry in Palos Park IL

4. Porcelain Fused to Metal – (PFM) Dental Crowns

Porcelain Fused Metal Crowns are very similar to metal crowns; the difference between the two is that these crowns are coated with porcelain over the metal base. Porcelain Fused Metal Crowns (PFM) are extremely popular because they offer the same strength as metal crowns with the beautiful aesthetics of porcelain crowns. Unfortunately, PFM crowns, unlike metal crowns, can grind and rub against the opposing teeth, wearing them down faster. Another disadvantage of PFM crowns is that if the gums recess it can allow for the metal ring to show, creating an unattractive appearance.

5. All-Resin Dental Crowns

Dental crowns that are entirely fabricated out of dental composite resin are a completely metal-free, aesthetic option that is more affordable than other dental crowns. But, keep in mind that resin dental crowns are quite a bit weaker than other types of dental crowns and are quite a bit more likely to crack, chip, and wear down faster.

Talk to Your Dental Specialist in Palos Park at Sheehan Dental to Find Out What Dental Crown is Best For You

Dental Crown Specialist in Palos Park IL

Damaged and decaying teeth will not only take away from your overall appearance, but it is also excruciating. Living with teeth that are constantly being attacked by some bacteria is frustrating, and it is understandable when you want to find a solution. If you feel as though you may need a crown to improve the health of your teeth and your smile, then look no further than Sheehan Dental in Palos Park.

Sheehan Dental is your most trusted clinic in Palos Park for any and all dental problems. We create a space for all ages of patients, ensuring that they feel more than comfortable throughout every visit. When you need a dental crown, our staff will go above and beyond to ensure that you get the crown that you want while implementing it with the utmost care and responsibility.

Contact Sheehan Dental for Dental Crown Services in Palos Park

Overall, dental crowns can be fabricated from a wide array of dental materials. Each type of dental crown has its pros and cons that your dentist at Sheehan Dental will discuss with you before implantation, but rest assured you will have all of the information you need to make the best decision for your smile. For the most experienced dental crown services in Palos Park, IL – Contact Sheehan Dental today to request a dental crown evaluation appointment. Depending on your unique dental needs, your Palos Park Dentist at Sheehan Dental will provide you with advice and information on which type of dental crown is best for you.

What to Expect During Your Visit to Sheehan Dental in Palos Park

Sheehan Dental is more than pleased to offer dental services and assistance for every age group, from toddlers to adults; we are your one-stop dental shop in Palos Park. There are three things we take very seriously at Sheehan Dental, and that is the prevention of tooth-related problems, quick and easy fixes, and education of the importance of proper dental care. From the first visit to our dental clinic in Palos Park, you will feel right at home. 

It goes without saying that the dentist’s office is not everyone’s cup of tea, but we take a personal approach that helps every age of patient look at going to the dentist as something they should do more than something that they have to do.  Each member of the Sheehan Dental team is available to respond to any questions and inquiries while delivering the best dental services in Palos Park. We offer a variety of services to satisfy each member of your family’s needs, keep reading to see what you can expect during your visit to Sheehan Dental! 

Welcoming Environment

Going to the dentist can be scary, stressful, and unsettling, no matter the patient’s age, but being in a welcoming environment makes all the difference. At Sheehan, we provide a beautiful clinic setting in a wonderful location so that you can feel a bit at home during your treatment. 

During those times when tooth pain and problems are unbearable, you can be at ease knowing that you are in a place that truly represents how much care will be put into your treatment.

Trusted Dental Team 

As we mentioned before, a trip to the dentists isn’t exactly what you think as a fun day out of the house, but the important thing that we can do is make sure you and your family feel relaxed during your time with us, and that starts with our team. From the moment you arrive at the clinic, you will be welcomed by a friendly receptionist who will take down your info, and after you will be able to enjoy a cozy waiting area to make you feel comfortable. 

Our highly trained dentist, dentist assistance, and dental hygienists will walk you through what they will be doing, making sure to be extra sensitive should they be treating a younger patient and adjusting to their needs and limits. Comfortability is a priority for us, so during your visit should you require anything, just let your dentist know! 

Highly Trained Dentist 

Dr. Sheehan has been practicing in Palos Park since 2001 and has proven to be a well-trusted dentist with extensive experience over a wide range of dental services, such as Dental Crowns, Braces, Root Canals, and Regular Dental Checkups. Dr. Sheehan is also trained in new and innovative dental treatments such as Cosmetic DentistryDental Veneers, and Invisalign

At Sheehan Dental, we are always looking for better ways to provide services for each of our patients. So no matter your dental need, come into Sheehan Dental in Palos Park and see the magic from the best hands in Illinois! 

Family Friendly Dentistry

One of the biggest things that you can expect at Sheehan Dental is a family-friendly environment. We welcome and provide services for the little ones while taking extra care so that they will be left wanting to come back instead of hating another trip after their treatment. 

Do you know the best advantages of a family dentist? You can say goodbye to looking for multiple dentists to treat each of your kids and yourself. Our services, team, and dentist are trained in providing care and assistance for everyone.  

Personal Approach

We pride ourselves on the time each member of our team takes to get to know each of our clients to ensure that they feel at ease in and out of the clinic. At Sheehan Dental, we don’t treat you like just another patient, the moment you arrive, we guarantee nothing less than kindness, respect, and professionalism. We don’t just make good first impressions; we strive to continue impressing you during every visit. 

Contact Sheehan Dental Today

We hope that we gave you a clear representation of what exactly you can expect during a visit to Sheehan Dental. But don’t just take our word for it, if you are in need of dental services, do not hesitate to come and see the extra mile we go to ensure any dental issues that you may have are corrected immediately. 

You can also expect to have a team available to help you with anything you need even outside of the office; all you need to do is call! We are here for you through every step of the way; For any questions, appointments, or inquiries, contact us today

Professional Teeth Whitening Services Vs DIY

Teeth Whitening Services Vs DIY

Do you cover your mouth when you laugh or worry about the color of your teeth when you talk or eat? If so, then there are many people who feel the same as you. 70% of people are self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth, and 61% want to make a positive change to how their teeth look.

The most common change that people want to see is an improvement to the whiteness of their teeth. 

If you’ve always wished that your teeth could be whiter, brighter and more radiant, then teeth whitening could be the ideal treatment for you. However, before you whiten your teeth, you have an important decision to make: should you visit your dentist for professional teeth whitening services or should you buy a DIY kit and whiten your teeth at home?

There are many differences between teeth whitening services performed at a dental clinic and DIY options; we’re going to explore some of the biggest…

Teeth Whitening Methods

Between DIY teeth whitening kits and professional teeth whitening services, you’ll discover many products and techniques for whitening.

If you head to the store for a DIY option, you’ll have the choice of whitening toothpaste, whitening trays and whitening strips. A specialist whitening toothpaste can take the place of your normal toothpaste for slight improvements to whiteness, while strips and trays must be applied/inserted multiple times until the desired results are achieved.

Visit your dentist in Palos Park for teeth whitening, to discover much more intensive treatment options. Many dentists provide two options for professional teeth whitening: supervised at-home kits and in-office treatment.  

The in-office treatment typically involves the use of a specialist whitening agent and a halogen light, which speeds up the procedure. The at-home treatment is similar to DIY kits in the sense that they’re used at home, but very different in terms of customization. You’ll receive custom trays that perfectly fit your teeth, professional bleaching gel and clear instructions on how to use the products for the best results.

Teeth Whitening Duration

There’s no exact timeframe for DIY or professional teeth whitening, as how much treatment you’ll require will depend on your desired results. DIY kits can be faster, as you won’t need to pay a visit to your dentist, but at the same time, it may take much longer to achieve good results.

You should expect to pay at least one visit to the dentist for professional treatment and have to set some time aside at home to maintain the results or to use the home whitening kit.

Teeth Whitening Safety

One of the biggest cons of DIY treatment is that it’s completely down to you to follow the instructions. When used incorrectly, DIY teeth whitening can damage your gums, causing them to recede and become more sensitive. 

With professional teeth whitening, you’re in a safe environment with constant monitoring. Even with the take-home kits, you have extra assurance of the safety of the product and professional instructions for its correct use.

Teeth Whitening Results

Before & After Teeth Whitening Results

DIY kits and professional teeth whitening services will both lead to whiter teeth, but not to the same degree. You can generally expect most off-the-shelf products to make your teeth between 2x and 8x whiter. With professional treatment, you can look forward to 6x to 8x whiter teeth.

Unlike DIY treatment, the patient receives a fully customized treatment when they visit a professional. The trays used during the treatment will be custom-made to fit the unique shape of the patient’s teeth and there’s a greater level of control over the results. With custom treatment, it’s easier to achieve even results that look great and last for a long time.

Teeth Whitening Cost

A big difference between professional and DIY treatment is cost. The amazing results that professional teeth whitening can deliver come at a higher cost than DIY treatments. However, as professional treatments typically have longer lasting results, the difference in cost isn’t as great as it might look at a quick glance!

Professional Teeth Whitening Services Vs DIY: Which Is Best?

If you want fast results without spending much, then DIY teeth whitening treatment could be the best option for you. However, if you want better results with a safer procedure that’ll give you a radiant smile in just a few hours, or over the course of a few treatments, then you’re better off going down the professional route.

DIY kits simply can’t compete with the expertise, experience and professional products that your dentist in Palos Park can provide!

Whichever teeth whitening treatment you decide to have, it’s important to remember that for the best results, you should visit your dentist in Palos Park beforehand for a dental cleaning. A dental cleaning will ensure that plaque is removed so the results from whitening aren’t blotchy.

For more information about dental cleaning and teeth whitening treatment in Palos Park IL, get in touch with Sheehan Dental – your local experts in smile transformations!

Holiday Foods to Avoid that are Harmful to Your Teeth & Gums

Dental Tips in Palos Park IL

The holiday season can be a tempting excuse to throw sensible food and drink choices out the window and indulge in some less-than-healthy treats. Decadent sweet treats and delicious savories can be all too tempting over the holidays, but some treats could be doing more harm to your teeth than you may realize!

Whether you’re partial to one too many festive sugar cookies or love to overindulge in chocolate, it’s important to think about your oral health if you want to avoid a not-so-festive trip to the dentist. Here are eight popular holiday foods that you should avoid this holiday season to keep your teeth & gums healthy:

Sugar Cookies

Dental Clinics in Palos Park IL

With ‘sugar’ in the name of this popular holiday treat, it’s unlikely to come as much of a surprise that sugar cookies are bad for your teeth and gums. Overindulging in sugar cookies over the holiday season could speed up tooth decay.

Eating sugar cookies throughout the day, or any sugary snack regularly, will continuously expose your teeth to sugar, which can cause the enamel on your teeth to dissolve. Eventually, this erosion can lead to cavities – a very unwelcome holiday surprise!


Holiday Dental Exams Palos Park

Packed full of sugar, dairy and alcohol, Eggnog may be a popular holiday beverage but if you drink too much your teeth certainly won’t be feeling very festive.

The high sugar content of eggnog makes it bad for your teeth, but once you factor in the alcohol content – which makes the mouth very dry, prevents saliva production and causes sugar residue to stay in the mouth – drinking too much eggnog becomes a recipe for disaster.

Not only could too much eggnog leave you with a bad case of tooth decay, but also bad breath!

Candy Canes

 Palos Park IL Dental Blog

Candy canes, like most hard candies, are absolutely terrible for your teeth. While their small size, attractive red and white stripes and minty flavor may make them a fairly innocent looking sweet treat, candy canes are all sugar, which is never going to mean good things for your teeth and gums.

However, the worst thing about candy canes isn’t the sugar, but rather the way they’re eaten. By sucking sugar canes, you’re exposing your mouth to sugar for a long time, which greatly increases the risk of cavities. Eating a sugar cane is essentially like giving your teeth a very long sugar bath, which as you can imagine, isn’t great for oral health!

Between the high sugar content and the hardness of the candy, which can result in a chipped tooth or two, candy canes are a definite holiday treat to avoid.

Milk Chocolate

Dentist in Palos Park IL

Chocolate is a holiday staple, but it could also fast track your next dental visit if you’re not careful with how much you eat. Just like with candy canes and cookies, the problem with chocolate is its sugar content, which when consumed regularly and in high quantities can cause cavities.

Consuming chocolate in the form of hot cocoa can also be damaging to your teeth and gums. Not only is the drink high in sugar but the added dairy can turn this delicious treat into a serious case of bad breath.

Dark chocolate, which is naturally lower in sugar and dairy, is much better for your teeth than the light chocolate varieties.

Dried Fruit

Dental Blog Palos Park

The sticky texture and sugar content of many different types of dried fruit make this seemingly healthy snack very problematic for your teeth. Unlike fresh fruit where the sugar is quickly washed away with saliva, dried fruit can get stuck in your teeth, where it’ll keep the bacteria in your mouth fed for a prolonged amount of time.

If you don’t rinse your mouth and brush thoroughly after eating dried fruit, then it’s a snack to avoid if you also want to avoid cavities.

Cranberry Sauce

Holiday Foods to avoid

Cranberry sauce looks much healthier than a candy cane or a bar of chocolate, but it could leave you with very unpleasant breath. That small bowl of cranberry sauce on your Thanksgiving dinner table contains artificial products and a lot of corn syrup, which feed the bacteria that causes bad breath.

With all the sugar in cranberry sauce, it’s also best to avoid the sauce to reduce the chances of tooth decay over the holidays. However, cranberry juice with no added sugar is a great holiday beverage as it helps to fight cavities!


Holiday Dental Exams

You may think that stuffing is a pretty safe bet for a holiday treat that doesn’t harm your teeth, but as a sticky food that’s very starchy, stuffing can actually be quite damaging to your oral health. 

The bread in some stuffing recipes can make this delectable holiday staple very unhealthy for your teeth. The starch in bread will break down into sugar as you chew it and will contribute to the development of cavities if it gets stuck in your teeth.

Caramel Popcorn

Palos Park Dental Blog

Caramel popcorn is another sticky and sugary snack that it’s better to avoid if you want your teeth and gums to stay healthy over the holidays. If the caramel gets stuck in your teeth, then it can accelerate tooth decay.

Another risk with popcorn is unpopped kernels. Biting an unpopped kernel could fracture your tooth and require an emergency trip to the dentist, which is a festive outing that nobody is going to enjoy!

Keep Your Smile Healthy with a Holiday Checkup at Sheehan Dental in Palos Park

Just because some holiday foods are bad for your teeth & gums, it doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself in moderation or indulge in healthier treats, like cheese, nuts and turkey. During a holiday checkup at Sheehan Dental, you can ask your dentist for advice on how to reduce the impact that harmful foods have on your teeth and how to care for your teeth and gums over the holidays.

It’s our job at Sheehan Dental to help you keep your smile looking bright and beautiful through to the New Year! For more information about routine tooth and gum exams, professional cleaning and holiday dental care in Palos Park, get in touch with Sheehan Dental today.