Reliable Pediatric Dentist in Palos Park, IL

The earlier that your child starts to visit the dentist, the better! Generally, it is recommended that a child visits the dentist as early as six months, one year at the latest. Early visits to the dentist will allow them to monitor the development and health of your children’s teeth and gums as they grow.

A reliable pediatric dentist in Palos Park, IL, will make it their mission to create positive early dental experiences for young patients.

The quicker a child visits the dentist, the more importance they will have in maintaining their dental health in the future. Instead of negatively reacting to brushing, flossing, and visiting their dentist, they will know the importance of proper dental care and continue to have a positive mindset.

What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do?

Pediatric dental specialists complete various functions pertaining to children’s oral hygiene and health. They place a distinct focus on the appropriate care and maintenance of baby teeth, which are crucial in promoting:

  • Proper speech productions
  • Food chewing habits
  • Holding space for permanent teeth

Some of the other critical functions of early dental care from a specialist include:
1. Prevention – Assisting children and their parents in establishing sound oral care and eating habits reduce the possibility of tooth decay later in life. Additional to providing standard dental cleanings and check-ups, pediatric dentists also:

  • Apply topical fluoride to young teeth
  • Provide good demonstrations of flossing and brushing
  • Advise parents on the advantages and disadvantages of habits, including using pacifiers and thumb-sucking.

2. Education: Dentists who specialize in care for young children educate the child using computer tech, child-friendly tech, and models. This emphasizes the significance of maintaining teeth strong and healthy. In addition, they urge parents to infection prevention, trauma prevention, and good eating habits

3. Monitoring growth – By continually following growth and evolution, pediatric specialists can foresee dental issues and quickly intervene before they worsen.

Emergency Pediatric Dental Clinic in Palos Park

As children grow, it is common for them to encounter issues that may lead to a dental emergency, just like any other part of the body. A reliable dental clinic takes emergency pediatric dental appointments extremely seriously. Assisting patients, kids, and teens deal with:

  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Toothaches
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Dislodged teeth
  • Misalignments

The moment you notice your child is experiencing discomfort in their teeth or are experiencing any of the above, you should book an emergency appointment right away. This will help target any trauma immediately and avoid any potential long-term issues impacting your child’s oral health.

How Often Should Children See A Dentist?

Children’s teeth are particularly vulnerable, and keeping an eye on the condition and how permanent teeth are set in the mouth as children grow is vital. Kids and teens need to see a dentist every six months to monitor that teeth are developing and erupting properly.

Not only does accomplishing the six-month recommended visits ensure that the dental clinic will be able to catch and correct any problems early. It also helps children acquire comfort and trust with dental specialists and the method of dentistry as they grow older.

Why Should You Choose A Pediatric Dentist?

The development of teeth in young children is unique and alters how they view oral health during their lifetime. A general dentist without a specialty in pediatric dentistry will do more harm than good. By choosing a pediatric dentist, you are picking a specialist that is trained to treat the unique needs of children, pediatric dentists complete 2 to 3 years of specialty training after completing their dental program.

Sheehan Dental: Proud to Specialize in Pediatric Dentistry

For decades, the entire staff at Sheehan Dental has believed in starting children on the right path regarding their dental health. From your child’s first tooth until their teenage years, they help your child develop a pearly white and healthy smile. Their clinic’s pediatric dentists and specialists are also trained to treat children with special needs. Additional benefits of a pediatric dental clinic include:

  • A Relaxed Environment: It’s extremely vital for your kid to feel relaxed during their visit. It is Sheehan Dental’s mission to create a safe place with a fun atmosphere for your child to enjoy. Instead of being scared to go to the dentist, they will have a more positive outlook.
  • Education for Parent and Child: Pediatric dentists present hygiene, preventive care, and treatments in a way that’s easy to understand.
  • Special Training: Pediatric dentists acquire special training. Young children’s dental needs are truly unique, and they require a dental professional that is specialized in the industry.

Never Have to Switch Dentists with Sheehan Dental

The growth and development of your children’s teeth is your #1 priority. While there are general dentists and those only focused on dental care, there are clinics like Sheehan Dental that offer the best of both worlds. Sheehan dental offers family dentistry for kids, teens, and adults!

Dr. Sheehan treats the whole family – from babies to seniors and everyone between. The ease of having a specialist in treating your entire family is unmatched. This way, they have the unique opportunity to grow with their team, just like their teeth. You will no longer have to find a new dentist when they reach a certain age. Scheduling, treatment, and aftercare is made so much easier by choosing a family dental clinic.

Choosing Reliable Pediatric Dentist in Palos Park IL You Can Trust

The decision to entrust your kid’s smile to a dentist is an essential one. Children will form opinions of dentistry from the first impressions they experience when going for their dental check-ups. A favorable first appearance made by the doctor and staff of your family practice will have a lasting positive impact on your children. Schedule an appointment with Sheehan Dental today for a beautiful, healthy smile.