Palos Park Family Dental: Why Dr. Sheehan is the Best

Choosing the right dental center is a difficult decision. You need one that fits well with your schedule and can treat your entire family, from the little ones to the parents. While many clinics are available to patients in Palos Park, IL, and the surrounding area, each one claims to be the best. So, why Dr. Sheehan is the best dental professional for families living in Palos Park, IL?

Keep reading to discover the answer!

1. Education and Credentials

Dr. Sheehan has been dedicated to serving patients for more than two decades. He completed his undergraduate studies at Illinois Benedictine University. He then furthered his education at the University of Illinois College of Dentistry, earning a Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree. However, Dr. Sheehan has not stopped there. He is constantly training on new procedures to keep offering innovative dental treatments for his patients.

He also maintains memberships with the following organizations:

  • American Dental Association
  • Chicago Dental Society
  • Illinois State Dental Society

Additionally, as Dr. Sheehan always says, the clinic doesn’t run smoothly all by itself. His team comprises dedicated specialists in all aspects of dentistry with degrees from top universities and colleges. Therefore, all patients feel comfortable confiding in Dr. Sheehan and his team for dental assistance.

2. Community-Minded Dental Clinic

Community-Minded Dental Clinic
Before choosing a dental clinic, should you know about their history in your community? Are they genuinely devoted to serving your family and friends, or are they just trying to make the most money from their practice? Well, patients never have that doubt when it comes to Dr. Sheehan. He has been serving the community of Palos Park, IL, since 2001. He and his family reside close by in Tinley Park, IL. Patients will never find a dentist and dental team as devoted to treating the community as at Sheehan Dental.

3. Friendly and Comfortable Service Throughout Every Treatment

It is no secret that the dental office is not everyone’s favorite place to go, especially for the little ones. Dr. Sheehan and his team make it a point to ensure that each patient feels comfortable. This establishes a healthy relationship between dental care and health which helps patients avoid drastic problems in the future.

  • Before treatment – Dr. Sheehan and his team show their care and compassion through the prior consultation before any work is done. This is where he shows his patients that they can fully trust and feel comfortable with his clinic.
  • During treatment – Throughout the therapy that you will be receiving, Dr. Sheehan makes it a point to ensure that the patient feels safe and knows precisely what’s going on.
  • Post-treatment – Dental care never stops once you leave the clinic, and that is one of the many reasons Dr. Sheehan and his office are always available for any questions or concerns. Keeping your smile healthy and happy is his #1 priority.

4. Availability for the Entire Family

Availability for the Entire Family
There is nothing more stressful and complicated than having to spend hours searching for a dental clinic for you and the rest of your family. However, with Sheehan Dental, you can have all of your family treated in one place and have your appointments seamlessly line up simultaneously. There is no more running across the entire Chicagoland, taking several days off of work so that each of your family members can be treated.

By choosing Sheehan Dental, you will be able to schedule all of the appointments with ease, providing ease and simplicity. As an added bonus, your children will be able to grow up with the familiarity of Dr. Sheehan and his team. Unlike other clinics where patients have to find new offices as they grow older, patients can maintain a healthy relationship with the same team well into adulthood.

5. Availability of New & Innovative Procedures

Dental treatments are constantly changing, developing, and becoming more advanced. Patients should no longer only have the same old procedures available to them. They need a clinic that is constantly following dental trends and advancements. Dr. Sheehan is always looking for new ways to improve the dental health of his patients.

One of the greatest examples of this is the introduction of Invisalign. This therapy is one of the most advanced developments in the world of dentistry. It completely eliminates the need for traditional metal brackets by replacing them with clear aligners. Invisalign allows for patients to have a removal therapy that is completely clear to the eye and fixes the structure of the teeth permanently. This is only one of the many innovative procedures offered at the dental office.

Click here to learn more about all of the therapies that they have available.

6. Affordable Dental Care

Last but not least, Dr. Sheehan offers affordable dental care for his patients. Unlike other offices that look at overpricing their services, Sheehan Dental offers services that don’t completely break the bank. Additionally, they accept several different insurances and have payment plans available. A happy and bright smile should never cost an arm and a leg!

Affordable Dental Care Dr Sheehan Dental Care
There’s nothing more frustrating than completing all of the different steps and research to get an appointment only to be disappointed. But on the other hand, there’s nothing more pleasing than having a great professional and knowing all of your needs are going to be met while exceeding expectations. Now that you know why Dr.Sheehan is one of the best in the business, you will be able to feel confident you made the best choice.

However, the only way you are truly going to know is by scheduling your primary consultation. Allow for the entire staff at Sheehan Dental to show you themselves why patients choose their clinic time and time again. Need some more convincing? Then check out the incredible 5-star reviews that past and current patients are saying about them. Don’t hesitate any longer! Schedule an appointment or visit their clinic today; get directions here.