Pregnancy Dental Care: Comprehensive Guide to Dental Health When Expecting

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Pregnancy brings on a whole new world of responsibilities, and it can be a very stressful process to be in the know about everything that you should do to have a healthy transition into motherhood.

One of the things that doesn’t come to mind when you think pregnancy is the importance of dental health, but it is something that all expecting mothers should take very seriously! The ins and outs of dental hygiene when pregnant can be a bit complicated, so we have made it easy with a comprehensive guide to proper dental well-being while expecting. 

Share The News

Finding out that you are going to be welcoming a new human into the world is a very exciting time, but letting the right people know is crucial! Of course, those who mean the most to you are on the top of your list, your family and friends are going to be ecstatic, but don’t forget about your dentist!

Keeping up with your dental care is extremely important at every moment in your life, pregnant or not, but while expecting, dentists need to be in the know of all the details so that you can be properly treated with the highest care and safety! You should let your dentist know what Month you are in, and if it is a high-risk pregnancy when booking, this can determine just what treatments are safe for you and your baby and postponing any appointments that may pose risks!

Check With Your Obstetrician

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Dentists are highly trained professionals prepared and experienced for every and any type of dental treatment, but it is crucial that you check with your obstetrician before your dental appointment to learn about any precautions/instructions that the dentists should be aware of.

This can help your dentist know just precisely what options are available for you when undergoing any kind of dental treatment. While pregnant, you can never be too safe!

The More Information, The Better

When considering dental care while pregnant, the more information you give to your dentist, the better! This includes a complete list of all medications and dosages that you are taking. Considering your specific information, your dentist may need to alter your care to suit you in this exciting time!

The Effects of Morning Sickness

One of the not so pleasant things about being pregnant is when you get morning sickness. One day you may wake up, and the thought of a particular food or flavor may be off-putting and make you sick. But don’t let that stop you from keeping up with your dental hygiene!

We recommend that you switch to a toothpaste that doesn’t have any flavor. This will help you not look at brushing your teeth as something that will make you sick; the flavorless toothpaste is the perfect option to keeping those teeth pearly white and welcoming your newborn with a healthy and vibrant smile!

Never Stop Your Dental Hygiene

Pregnancy Dental Care Tips

There are a lot of essential things that you have to do and prepare for while being pregnant, but don’t let other responsibilities take over your dental health.

Due to hormonal change, while pregnant, you can become increasingly susceptible to periodontal disease, and if you have tender gums that bleed easily, also a condition called pregnancy gingivitis. Don’t miss out on your dental check-up just because you are pregnant, the healthier you are, the better it is for the special someone that will be entering your life!

Tips For Maintaining a Healthy Mouth During Pregnancy

Because you are pregnant, it doesn’t mean making massive changes in your everyday dental health, just remember to:


Brushing your teeth should never stop, just make sure that you choose an ADA-accepted fluoride toothpaste and brushing your teeth no less than twice a day is crucial for proper dental cleanliness!


Don’t forget about flossing and getting rid of any plaque or food build-up, trust us, flossing thoroughly between your teeth daily is going to help keep you comfortable and fresh!

Eating Right

Pregnancy may bring upon some unexpected cravings, be aware of the negative effect some snacks can have on your teeth. So, if you snack, it’s best to do so in moderation.

Frequent Dental Visits

You can never be too sure when it comes to your teeth. So make sure you keep up with your visits to the dentist.

The Unique Benefits of Going to the Dentist While Pregnant

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There is absolutely no doubt, being pregnant is special. As you go through the process of transitioning into motherhood, every person that is involved in your journey has a long-lasting effect on you and your baby!

While expecting, it can create deep bonds, and that includes those with your dentist. As you experience care during this time, it will give you the trust you need to know that when your baby is growing up, they will have dental care to the highest standard!

Pregnancy Dental Care in Palos Park: The Sheehan Dental Difference

Throughout this unique time, you should be surrounded by those who want to go the extra mile to promote your health and happiness! The personalized experience at Sheehan Dental allows you to feel at home while receiving the dental care you need. Serving all types of dental needs in  Palos Park, IL, our extensive personnel and expertise are the perfect fit for you while expecting!

This is a special time, and putting the trust of you and your baby is not an easy thing to do. At Sheehan Dental, our number one goal is to show you why you should confide in us to give you the dental care that you require. See for yourself here, why we are one of the most trusted dental services in Palos Park, IL. If you are expecting and are in need of a dental center that has you and your baby’s dental needs in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us online at or by calling us at 1 708-671-1510.