Invisalign Clear Aligners 101 – How Does the Invisalign System Work?

“You need braces.” Three words that no teen or adult ever wants to hear. Let’s face it, metal brackets are not the most charming or comfortable thing to add to your life. With an estimated 4.5 million Americans wearing braces to straighten their teeth, many Americans find themselves wondering why there isn’t an easier way to obtain better teeth. Well, what if we told you there is! At Sheehan Dental, our expert team of cosmetic dental specialists are always searching for new and innovative treatment options to ensure that our patient’s journey to healthy teeth is manageable and successful. 

That is why we provide the Invisalign clear aligners, a revolutionary straightening method highly effective for teens and adults. They are easy to use, removable, and boast the same results as would regular metal braces. Finally, what used to be the only option in dental care has a competitor. There is a reason they are taking the lead in dental centers across the United States and  across the globe. Welcome to Invisalign 101; get ready for us to change the way you look at teeth straightening systems: 

What are Invisalign Clear Aligners? 

Invisalign clear aligners are the newest technological advancement in dentistry. They are an alternative to metal braces with the same effect, making the journey towards a healthier smiler more bearable with significantly fewer restrictions. This remarkable treatment option allows for patients to align their teeth properly without anyone else knowing they are. That’s right; these “braces” are essentially invisible. 

While the lack of visibility is one of the most attractive advantages of Invisalign, the ability to remove them is a close second. Metal brackets make patients follow strict activity, food, and drink restrictions and develop a rigorous dental health care plan, Not Invisalign, they can be removed at any moment throughout the day. Meaning no more giving up the food that you love, the activities you don’t want to live without, or constantly having to return to the dentist due to issues with the metal wiring. Have we convinced you yet? 

How Does the Invisalign Process Work? 

If avoiding metal braces at all costs is something that is on your mind, well, our specialists will help make that happen! But first, we have to be sure that you are a suitable candidate. During your consultation at Sheehan Dental, our team will assess your unique condition to determine whether or not Invisalign is right for you. When we have a green light, your dentist will make a digital scan of your teeth. No molds or messy impressions needed. After, the scan is uploaded into advanced software that begins to fabricate the aligners to the shape of your teeth. 

A Snug and Comfortable Teeth Straightening System Designed for Your Smile 

Anyone who needs a neater smile can get metal brackets; they are a general treatment that can be fitted to almost any tooth. That’s why they are so uncomfortable for patients and cause various problems. Invisalign’s modern technology designs the retainers to perfectly pair with the patient’s teeth. No one will be able to see the aligners while you are wearing them, and due to their comfort, you will often forget that they are there! 

How Does Invisalign Make Teeth Straight?

Just like metal braces, Invisalign clear aligners hold the teeth in place, allowing them to take their proper form. As the clear braces are designed to perfectly match your teeth, this system is often less painful when each tooth starts to take its place. While it is a new and innovative therapy, the results are outstanding, and the patients are so much happier during the entire process. 

Are You a Candidate for Invisalign Clear Aligners in Palos Park? 

Don’t think for a second if your teeth are “too crooked,” you will not be a candidate for Invisalign. When you want to avoid metal brackets, Dr. Sheehan thoroughly evaluates your teeth and dental concerns to determine whether Invisalign is a real option. The only way to find out is with a consultation at Sheehan Dental! In many cases, Invisalign will help those with: 

  • Overbites and underbites
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Crooked teeth

Invisalign will make your teeth function better and look straighter. The results will mean being able to chew and clean your teeth easier. 

Eliminate the Need for Constant Check-ups with Invisalign Clear Braces at Sheehan Dental in Palos Park

A trip to the dentist’s office is never anyone’s favorite thing to do, and once you have fitted with your Invisalign clear braces, you may only need to come in every 6 to 8 weeks. During your swift check-ups, your dentist will ensure that your teeth are progressing and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Whether you are a student or an adult, Invisalign check-ups fit into virtually anyone’s schedule. 

Investing in Invisalign is Investing Future of Your Teeth

Investing in Invisalign is not only talking about money; it is also looking at the endless benefits they boast. While the only thing similar to metal braces is the cost, considering this unique treatment is a must. Here is what you are investing in: 

  • Faster recovery times – In many cases, patients who follow their doctor’s guidelines can get their desired results almost two times quicker. 
  • Removable – One of the worst things about metal braces is that they can never be removed. Patients with Invisalign can take out their aligners when they are eating, during physical activity, and when brushing and flossing. 
  • Invisibility – Whether it is a teen in school or an adult in the workplace, the ability to straighten your teeth without others noticing is terrific. 

Are You Thinking About Invisalign in Palos Park? Contact Sheehan Dental 

We will continue to provide our patients with the best, most innovative procedures to make their path to healthier, straighter, and more beautiful teeth easier and pain-free. Invisalign is being used by thousands across the globe; it’s time you joined this exclusive community. Contact Sheehan Dental to learn more about the advantages of Invisalign and how they will change your life for the better!