Dental Extractions in Palos Park

Dental Extractions in Palos Park, Illinois 

Palos Park tooth extractionsThe idea of dental extraction can be much scarier and more worrying than the procedure actually is. Dental techniques and procedures have come such a long way in recent years that dental extractions are no longer the painful experience that they once used to be.

While having a tooth extracted may not be something that anyone wants to experience, with the professionals at Sheehan Dental on hand to make the procedure as simple and painless as possible, it doesn’t have to be the cause of worry. It’s our aim to make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible, whether you’re coming in for a routine check-up or any of our dental treatments.

Sheehan Dental is a professional dentistry practice in Palos Park, Illinois that specializes in a range of modern and effective dental treatments. From dental check-ups to larger procedures like dental extractions, our treatments are performed by experts in the field of dentistry. If you’re experiencing severe tooth pain or are concerned about your teeth, and want to speak to an expert, then you can contact the professionals at Sheehan Dental at any time to schedule an appointment.

When Are Dental Extractions Advised?

Dental extractions are only ever advised when there’s no other suitable treatment available. There are many problems that can lead to dental extraction being the advised treatment, such as when:

-Baby Teeth Haven’t Naturally Fallen out

Baby teeth are supposed to fall out naturally once a child has reached a certain age; however, this doesn’t always happen. In instances where baby teeth don’t fall out naturally, they may need to be extracted in order for the adult teeth to grow properly. Without extraction, there’s a risk of misalignment or crowding when the adult teeth come in.

-There’s an Infection or a Risk of Infection

In cases where a tooth has begun to decay, and the bacteria is causing problems within the pulp of the tooth, immediate dental treatment needs to be undertaken. Often, the first point of call will be root canal treatment, but if this is unsuccessful or the results are not adequate, a dental extraction may be advised to prevent the bacteria causing more severe problems.

Sometimes decay doesn’t have to be present for dental extraction to be advised, the risk of infection is enough. This is especially the case in patients who have problems with their immune system or who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment.In these cases, the chance of an infection is often simply too much of a risk to take.

– Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed Wisdom Tooth Extraction Palos ParkI L

Wisdom tooth removal is a very common procedure that many young adults choose to have done as either a preventive measure to stop later problems or due to problems that have occurred immediately. It’s common for wisdom teeth to become impacted, which is where the tooth is unable to grow above the gum line, often due to overcrowding of the jaw. While not all wisdom teeth cause problems when they come in, some can cause problems at a later date.

Having wisdom teeth extracted early, if the potential of a future problem has been identified, can make the process much easier, because fully-formed molars can be much more troublesome to remove. It’s often the case that potential future problems can be identified via an x-ray.

-There Are Too Many Teeth in the Mouth or Not Enough Space

Overcrowding is a serious problem where there isn’t enough space in the jaw for all the teeth. In children, it may be the case that too many adult teeth have come in, leaving an insufficient amount of room for alignment treatment, like braces. Dental extraction may be advised for adults if their jaw is too crowded, and for children when they need corrective treatment to help straighten their teeth.

-A Tooth Has Been Broken

The first course of action for a broken tooth is to repair the damage and attempt to save the tooth. However, if the tooth has been broken too severely, and repair isn’t a possibility, then extraction may be recommended.

-There Are Signs of Gum Disease

Gum disease is a condition that affects a large number of adults. For many adults, the condition can be managed with minimal professional intervention, but in come cases, larger procedures like dental extraction may be required. If a tooth has been severely affected, then dental extraction may be recommended.

If you think that you’re suffering from any of these problems, then it’s important to contact the experts at Sheehan Dental as soon as possible. We’ll be able to schedule you an appointment to speak to one of our expert consultants to discuss which treatments will be best for you.

How Painful Is Dental Extraction?

One of the biggest concerns of patients who have to undergo dental extraction is the level of pain that they’ll feel during the procedure. Whilst dental extraction isn’t painless, the pain can be kept to an absolute minimum by an experienced dentist, like the professionals at Sheehan Dental in Palos Park, Illinois.

Before the procedure begins, you’ll be given multiple injections to numb the area; the injections will be slightly painful to begin with, but the area will soon become numb. During the procedure, you’ll be closely monitored to make sure that you’re not feeling any pain, although you should expect to feel some pressure during the procedure.

In cases where more than one tooth needs to be removed or the extraction is expected to be more difficult, such as during an impacted wisdom tooth removal, a general anesthesia may be used. This means that you’ll be completely asleep during the procedure; you won’t feel any pain or pressure.

Palos Park Dental Extraction Procedures

Dental Tooth Extractions in Palos Park, ILThe procedure for dental extraction in Palos Park begins with the numbing of the area through multiple injections; this is a relatively quick process that ensures you’ll be comfortable during the extraction.

Once the area is completely numbed, the main part of the procedure will begin. The tooth extraction will involve rocking the tooth to each side in order to loosen the tooth and make the extraction easier; you’ll be able to feel the pressure during this part of the procedure. As soon as the tooth is suitably loose in the socket, it’ll be removed. This process can take just a few minutes to complete.

In some cases, where the tooth can’t be extracted in this way, sectioning may be required. This involves cutting the tooth into sections, and then removing each of the sections. To ensure your continued comfort during the procedure, at Sheehan Dental we continuously monitor you during the procedure and can provide you with additional numbing medication if required.

After the Procedure: What to Expect 

Once the procedure is over, many people find that taking over-the-counter painkillers is enough to remain comfortable as the area begins to heal. This can change depending on the patient, some find that a stronger painkiller is required. If prescription painkillers are needed, then you can easily get a prescription from your Sheehan Dental dentist by contacting our practice.

In the 24 hours following the procedure, you’ll need to avoid any foods that require chewing, soft foods such as yogurt and broth will be much more comfortable to consume and are less likely to cause additional pain or any problems. Straws should also be avoided for the first 24 hours, as the suction may cause additional bleeding. It’s also important to relax after the treatment and take it easy.

A couple of days after the treatment, you should be able to slowly start broadening your diet with the addition of some chewable foods. However, if the dental extraction was more severe such as in the case of multiple extractions, impacted tooth removal, or removal under a general anesthetic, recovery may take a little longer.

Before you undergo any treatment, you’ll have a full consultation at Sheehan Dental in Palos Park, where aftercare will be discussed in detail to ensure that you know exactly what to expect after the treatment.

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