Whitening with Activated Charcoal – Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Your smile is one of your greatest assets. It is often the first thing that people notice about you. Not only does the condition of your teeth say a lot about your health but it also indicative of your investment in yourself.

Have you ever tried to smile and hide your teeth because you are self-conscious of your yellow or stained teeth? You may try to smile shyly or use a half-smile to completely cover your teeth. Activated charcoal can be equally as effective as specialized toothpaste or dental treatments in maintaining your bright smile and boosting your confidence. read more

Dos and Don’ts of Teeth Whitening

We’ve seen more and more smiling faces around town the past few weeks as the temperature has been slowly easing us out of Chicagoland’s winter hibernation.

And of course, we love smiling faces! But as people are getting out and about more as summer approaches, we’ve noticed that a lot of our patients are asking about teeth whitening. So, we thought we’d give you some info on one of the most popular smile-improvement techniques: making those pearly whites even whiter.

Everyday Teeth Whitening Rules

There are three key rules for keeping your teeth white for everyone and they are pretty simple. If you’re happy with your tooth color, follow these three steps to keep your smile gleaming as long as possible: read more